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You Can Get An Oogie Boogie Bath Bomb And It’s So Cool, I Can’t Believe My Eyes

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Two of my favorite things have been brought together in this most amazing season: Halloween and bath bombs! And I can’t wait to share this product with you! (Especially since I just moved into a house that has a giant tub!)


You can get Oogie Boogie Bath Bombs. Oh yes, you heard me correctly.

This iconic Nightmare Before Christmas Character can be yours to dissolve away in your bathtub and turn it a spooky green color!

I love this world we live in now. Where any and all creativity exists and the most random but perfect items are created by someone! 


WickedSudsCreations, an Etsy store specializing in bath bombs, made this amazing Oogie Boogie Bath Bomb, as well as a bunch of other amazing different themed bath bombs!

They have an impressive sales history of almost 4k with a full five stars, so you should feel completely safe buying from them!


These Oogie Boogie Bath Bombs come in a green apple scent and are approximately 4.5 ounces. They are also completely vegan! And the absolute best part? They are only $6!!!

How can something so amazing be so affordable?! I think the hardest part of all of this is parting with this adorable bath bomb and letting it dissolve away!


But why stop at Oogie Boogie? This store also has Jack Skellington Bath Bombs, Sally Bath Bombs, Mike Myers Bath Bombs, Pennywise Bath Bombs, Baby Yoda Bath Bombs, and many MANY more!

You should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for! They currently have 81 listings available with many more to come I’m sure! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whatever it is you’re looking for!


My personal favorite is their Sanderson Sisters Bath Bombs, but to completely honest, I think it is completely safe to say I want every single one of these! Like I said before, the biggest issue for me is that I’m not going to want to use them because they are too darn cute!

You can get your Oogie Boogie bath bomb here.


What is your favorite bath bomb that you have used so far? My absolute favorite so far has been the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb. It surprisingly sorted me into the correct house which totally blew my mind!


Let us know in the comments what bath bombs you think we should cover next! We are always looking for new and innovative (and super cute) ones to try!


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