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Kim Kardashian Went All Blonde and People Are Saying She Is Unrecognizable

What is the saying? Blondes have more fun?

As a brunette, who happens to be purple at the moment, I would like to politely disagree with that statement.

But, you know who doesn’t disagree with me? Kim Kardashian.

She has gone blonde in the past, and I wasn’t a fan — but who am I?

I definitely think she looks better with her natural dark brown — do you agree?

Well, recently she went all blonde bombshell for a photo shoot, and she even went as far as dying her eyebrows.

I kinda think it looks like a wig — but I could totally be wrong.

On Thursday she posted an Instagram Story — which means it disappeared soon after — that documented her transformation into a blonde.

So it’s really cute, guys. My bleached brows, I’m into it. Can’t wait to show you guys the final look.


Never fear, however. Her foray into the world of blonde bombshell didn’t last too long.

Right after the photo shoot, Kim dyed her eyebrows back to their original color, and ripped off the wig.

I’m back to dark already don’t worry.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram Stories

The Instagram Story may have disappeared soon after, but thanks to the magic of social media — and screen shots galore — we get to experience the magic of Kim’s tip toe into the world of being a blonde.

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