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This Secret Setting Will Help You Unlock Everything on Disney+

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Disney+ – it is one of the must-have streaming services but if you are like me, you’ve probably watched everything at this point.

If you’ve seemed to run out of things to watch on Disney+, this little hack/secret is going to change all of that.

Apparently, there is a secret setting that will help you unlock EVERYTHING Disney+ has to offer. Yes, even those more mature, adult films and series.

How to Unlock Everything on Disney+

First, open your Disney+ app on your tv or device and click on your profile.

When it gives you the option to edit your profile, go into edit and scroll down to where you see “parental controls” and then click on “content rating”.

You will be asked to enter your password to access the setting.

Make sure your setting it turned on for the “titled rated TV-14 and below” otherwise it will be limiting the shows you can watch.

Click “save” and “done” then “done” again so it saves.

You should then be able to see EVERYTHING that Disney+ has to offer.

Even TV series like The Simpsons will appear.

The cool thing is, you can set these settings up for each profile on your account. Just make sure the one for the adults has the highest rating turned on.

Hopefully this helps you gain access to a ton more shows on Disney+. Happy streaming!

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