Move Over Cheese Boards, ‘Fries Boards’ Are The New Food Trend for Entertaining

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I love a good cheese board. I even love a bad cheese board — although there is hardly such a thing.

This new fad, however, takes the idea of a cheese board to a whole new level. I present to you, the FRIES BOARD!

I like to call it the French Fry Board.

On a traditional cheese board, you have a selection of cheeses, with nuts, jellies, olives, breads, and anything else that might pair well with the cheeses.

On a FRIES BOARD you have a selection of different fries — hash browns, sweet potato fries, potato wedges, seasoned fries, and even regular salted fries. If it’s in all its french fry glory, it goes on the board.

Then you add a selection of dipping sauces — ketchup, ranch, cheese sauce, guacamole. You might even get a little crazy, and add barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or a horseradish sauce. If you can dream it up, it can go on the board.

I think I have found a new dinner treat! Just imagine a big board of fries and sauces in the middle of the table! People could dig in and taste their favorites. EVERYONE would be happy!

There really is no limit to how you could present your FRIES BOARD. You could make it as simple or complex as your little taste buds desire!

This would be GREAT for a party, a gathering of friends for dinner, a kid’s birthday party, or even just a Tuesday night.

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I am so hungry now. Ha! Bring me a big FRIES BOARD, and I will be yours forever.

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You could even get all fancy, and include Panko-Covered Asparagus Fries. The options are ENDLESS!

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  1. How do keep the fries warm? Not sure cold fries are popular

  2. hello amanda two of these images you have placed multiple times are my copyright! please either add a hyperlinked. reddit back to @thedelicious, or i can also INVOICE you for the licensing fee, since you make money from this. Sarah Gim January 13, 2020 my email address is included in this comment form.

    1. You’d think @thedelicious invented the potato. LOL #petty

      1. Great idea for large group, kid would love it!
        How about at your Packer Party!!! Use Green and Gold and a football too!

      2. You’d think @thedelicious invented the friesboard, which they did. You’d also think @thedelicious’s photos were stolen, because they were.

        If your livelihood depended on these things you would care about them too, Gartoj. #notpettywhenit’syourjobimpacted