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Snoop Dogg Just Dropped A New Grubhub Jingle and It’s So Catchy, I Am Ordering Food Now

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If you grew up listening to and loving Snoop Dogg, you know that anything that man puts out is pure gold!

And this new Grubhub jingle he just released is no different. Honestly, it’s so catchy, I am ordering food NOW.

Snoop Dogg is revealing his football game day delivery eats and dropping a takeout-inspired beat and food-filled TV commercial with Grubhub. 

The new ad spot doubles as a jingle and is launching as part of Grubhub’s new marketing platform “Did Somebody Say,”.


The new jingle debuts Tuesday, September, 26, 2023 and is rooted in the joy Grubhub delivers to everyday moments.

In the jingle, Snoop raps about outlandish food orders (tacos to the chateau, anyone?) And when it comes to takeout, here’s what Snoop craves to complement his passion for football season: 


“Oh when it’s football season, the food is game ON! I may have two cookbooks under my belt but when my people are over for game day, I like to keep it easy and order Grubhub so I can focus on the game. We love to get the full spread of wings. . . the lemon pepper, BBQ, the works. I always order some fresh fruit to keep balanced.  We get burgers, fries and no matter the final score we don’t cheat ourselves, we treat ourselves to Dr. Bombay’s ice cream.” 

Dang- sounds like we need to head to Snoop’s house to watch the game. Those food orders are on point!


In addition to putting the new Snoop Dogg jingle on repeat, you can enter for the chance to win a $500 gift card to order whatever your stomach desires, whether it’s pizza to the hot tub or wontons on a catamaran.

Perhaps some of the various munchies Snoop raps about? Yes, you know what I mean… 😉


Enter on the Grubhub’s Instagram or Twitter Sept. 28-Oct. 2 for the chance to win. Make sure to use #DidSomebodySayGrubhubSweepstakes.

You can listen and watch the new Snoop Dogg Grubhub jingle below.

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