There Is A Clearblue Shortage. Here Is What We Know.

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Bad news if you’re trying not to get pregnant right now. Actually, it’s bad news even if you are trying to get pregnant…

You might know Clearblue as the test that so many of us rely on to tell us if we are pregnant. It’s super simple. It says “Pregnant,” if you are positive, and “Not Pregnant,” if your result is negative.

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Turns out, they also make test strips, that are used with an ovulation monitor, to tell you if you are ovulating.

For some, this tells them the BEST time to get pregnant. For a whole other part of the population, these test strips act as a natural kind of birth control — known as the Marquette method of birth control.

People use these Clearblue test strips to keep from getting pregnant each month. The strips let them know, without a shadow of a doubt, when NOT to do the deed.

There is a slight problem with this method of birth control at the moment.

It seems, toilet paper isn’t the ONLY thing the stores are currently out of. There is also a shortage of Clearblue fertility test strips.

That is NOT good news, if you rely on this way of using the strips as your sole means of birth control.

Just like with most everything else right now, the law of supply and demand is reigning supreme. Third party sellers who can get their hands on these strips, are selling them for TWICE as much — or more — than they normally sell for.

But, I guess if you weigh the cost of HAVING a child versus the cost of preventing pregnancy, the higher price on contraception wins.

That being said, the makers of Clearblue are working on getting more test strips into the hands of online retailers. They assure us the product will be available soon.

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