Pee-Stained Jeans Are So Popular That They’re Selling Out, But Who’s Buying Them?

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Y’all… I was shocked by the first designer that released the pee-stained-looking jeans… but here we go again and I need answers!

I mean, as an adult I am actively trying to NOT pee my pants.

I guess I don’t understand most high fashion.

Like, let’s design the ugliest and weirdest things we can and sell it for a crazy amount of money. And rich people buy it… but WHY? Tell me why?

We spend our toddler years learning how to NOT pee our pants.

Then we spend our time as adult women, that have had children, trying not to sneeze so we don’t pee our pants.

But then people are buying pre-stained pee pants. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

Image credit: Jordanluca

The newest company to jump on the pee-stained jeans trend is Jordanluca, and they are calling the new design “Stain Stonewash”.

They didn’t go for the crazy concerning yellow urine stains though.

These jeans are selling for close to $1k! The prices I saw were from over $600 to over $800 and they are selling out.

Image credit: Jordanluca

Fess up… who is buying these? I have questions!

I mean, people are saying they’re ugly and gross, but obviously, people are into them since they’re buying them.

Is this some kink I’m unaware of? Do they wear them in public, or is this an at-home only thing? If these are something you’re into, you can try to find them here when they restock.

Image credit: Jordanluca

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