CVS Announces It Is Closing More Stores Permanently

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You know, I enjoy doing some shopping online, but I guess some people have entirely quit going shopping in person.

People have stopped shopping in person which has seriously hurt businesses and they are having to close locations.

A lot of this was already happening, but then the pandemic happened and online shopping was really pushed and a lot of smaller local businesses were closed fairly quickly.

Now it seems to be catching up more and more with the larger businesses and they too are having to close many locations, CVS being one of them.

CVS has announced that it will be closing more stores, they have already started this year and plan to close about 300 stores each year for the next 3 years.

CVS plans to focus more on its digital services, and CVS also plans to have some current locations offer more healthcare services with a “HealthHub”.

The stores with a “HealthHub” will have rooms for yoga classes, offer health and wellness services, mental health screenings, and even more medical products.

It also has plans to have some stores focus on providing primary care services, beyond the Minute Clinic.

It’s estimated to be about 900 CVS store locations that will be closing for good and a lot of jobs will have disappeared by the end of 2024.

CVS did announce that they will help employees find new jobs at other CVS locations, so that’s good.

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