Doritos Flamin’ Hot Limon Chips Are Here and My Lips Are On Fire

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We just can’t get enough of that heat! It seems like every chip brand has a Flamin’ Hot variety, and I’m okay with that.

Doritos, however, has ONE-UPPED everyone else in the chip snacking world by hitting that Flamin’ Hot flavor with a burst of Limon.

When you bite into these crispy chips, you get that punch of heat, followed by the tanginess off the Lime. It’s crazy good!

These bags of delicious crispy snacks have been seen at Walmart. You can also check your local favorite grocery stores, of course.

Retail price on a full-sized bag is $4.29, and so completely worth every cent!

If you decide to go ahead and get them from WALMART, we found them for $2.88! You can’t pass them up for that price!

I wasn’t able to find these chips yet at Amazon. I know, weird, right?!?

Nor did I find them at Target. I haven’t heard that these are a Walmart exclusive, so these SHOULD be rolling out to other stores, soon.

If you want to see of these are available at your nearest Walmart, you may do so HERE.

Happy snacking!

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