Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar Popcorn Is Here And I Won’t Eat Plain Popcorn Again!

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How in the world am I just finding these?

SmartFood has a flavor of popcorn aptly named “Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar.”

I love hot food. I mean I LOVE hot food. My favorite Cheetos are the Flammin’ Hot. Chicken wings have to be nuclear hot for me to enjoy them. My favorite Dorito are the … you guessed it … flamin’ hot.

When I came across this Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar popcorn, I nearly had a meltdown right in the aisle.

You can definitely taste the white cheddar first, then the kick of heat hits your taste buds about 1.4 seconds later. Popcorn perfection!

The price is right as well!! At less than $3 a bag, they are totally worth the splurge. I mean, you can dig in your couch, and find $3!

Here is what others are saying about these awesome kernels of flamin’ hot heat.


This popcorn is the REAL DEAL!! If you find it, buy at least two bags!!


Are you scared to try the heat? That’s okay! SmartFood makes other flavors of their popcorn to please your taste buds!

Have you tried the Flamin’ Hot Pickle Chips yet? Yum!! Grab a bag of those while you’re getting your popcorn!

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