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20 Pictures That Show Why I’m Never Going To Australia

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What the heck is going on down in Australia?

This beautiful land that I have always wanted to visit, has never been more TERRIFYING!

Or, maybe I’m just learning more about this land full of Jurassic creatures that haunt my nightmares.

It’s all Nemo, Dory, and Chris Hemsworth, until you bump into THIS.

Enlightened Mind

Australia is known for having some WICKED spiders, and these REAL photos don’t disappoint.

They may completely creep you out, but they do NOT dissapoint.

Enlightened Mind

Just imagine going into your backyard, and happening upon THIS site.

Enlightened Mind

Or, better yet, imagine stumbling into your kitchen, and coming face to face with this giant beast.

Enlightened Mind

And apparently, there is something called a Goliath Stick insect, and I may never go outside again.

Enlightened Mind

Yes. It’s a real thing.

I thought that perhaps this photograph MUST have been Photoshopped, so I immediately shot my friend, who lives in Australia, a message asking if they really have bugs this size.

Enlightened Mind

She verified that it is, in fact, a very real thing, and they hang out all the time in her garage.

It might be a harmless insect, but I’m just going to go ahead and say NOPE!!

Enlightened Mind

Oh, the fun doesn’t stop there. We hear about cute kangaroos that hang out in the wilds of Australia.

But, nobody talks about the ones that look like they can eat your face off!

Enlightened Mind

What about snakes?

Oh, they have snakes. Just about any size and variety you want, they have.

Enlightened Mind

Big snakes, little snakes, giant snakes — if it haunts your nightmares, Australia probably has it.

Enlightened Mind

Frogs and snakes? Yep, they got that, too.

Enlightened Mind

Frogs eating snakes? SURE!! They can accommodate that phobia as well.

Enlightened Mind

Now, this is where it gets into true nightmare territory.

If you don’t want to see true terror, look away. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

I present to you — the flying fox. Is it a fox? Is it a bat? YES.

Enlightened Mind

Do I care that they only eat flowers and fruit? Nope.

If I know there is even a CHANCE that these are hanging around, you can totally count me out!!

But, wait! It gets better.

This picture is especially gruesome. It is like something crawled straight out of h***, and someone caught it on camera.

This is a snake — and it’s EATING a flying fox.

Nope and nope. That thing has human hands!!

Enlightened Mind

Here are some bonus photos for you.

This is called a goana, and it can hang onto anything — even sides of houses.

Enlightened Mind

Here you have your standard, everyday river croc.

I am never going in the water ever again.

Enlightened Mind

Here is another shot of that juicy little frog munching down on its snake supper.

Enlightened Mind

And, last but not least, I have NO CLUE if this is a blind snake or an earthworm. There has been some debate on the matter.

I don’t care WHAT it is, it can just stay the heck away from me!

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