This Book Was Originally Rejected for Being Unrealistic About A Global Pandemic But Now It’s Being Released

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Peter May is a Scottish Author. In 2005 he wrote a book called “Lockdown”. It just so happened to be about a global pandemic. It was rejected as being “extremely unrealistic and unreasonable,”.

So, he sat the book on the backburner. Now that we are literally in the middle of a global pandemic, that is no longer the case.

A fan on Twitter asked him to write a book about what was happening right now in the world. He thought about it and realized that he already had!

I thought about it for a minute before I realized that I’ve kind of already done it. I told my publisher about it and my editor just about fell out of his chair. He read the entire book overnight and the next morning he said, ‘This is brilliant. We need to publish this now”.

Peter May

Once his publishers read it, they were blown away. Peter May is in the vulnerable group due to his age and does agree with the lockdown situation that we are all in.

But he said he was pretty creeped out at how accurate his book was.

When I read it again for the first time since I wrote the book, I was shocked at just how spookily accurate it was. The everyday details of how you get through life, the way the lockdown works, people being forbidden to leave their homes. It’s all scarily accurate.

Peter May

As of right now, “Lockdown,” available on Amazon UK, and is being sold in the Kindle format.

It will be available in paperback and audiobook on April 30th. I know what I’ll be reading soon!

You can check out some of his other books as well! The Lewis Trilogy, Entry Island, China Thrillers, Enzo Files, Runaway, Coffin Road, I’ll Keep You Safe & The Man With No Face.

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