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The Woman That Sprayed Her Hair With Gorilla Glue Is Donating $20K Of Her GoFundMe

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Tessica Brown just made my day a bit happier. I love reading about good stuff people do and she made a great decision.

im_d_ollady – TikTok

As you know, Tessica made a bad choice when she sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue. For over a month she was stuck with this mistake.

She set up a GoFundMe and raked in over $20 thousand dollars. But, a Plastic Surgeon in California offered to help her for free.


Tessica recently had a procedure done by the doctor and he was able to finally get her unstuck! All over social media people were talking about her GoFundMe, especially since the Doctor offered his services to her for free.


I am super happy to report that she is only using part of the GoFundMe for herself. She is actually using part of the funds to cover her travel expenses for her trip to see the doctor.

The rest, which is about 20K, is being donated to a non-profit that this doctor created.

Restore Foundation

Dr. Michael Obeng is the plastic surgeon who performed Tessica’s procedure at no cost to her. His organization is called the Restore Foundation.

Restore Foundation

The Restore Foundation provides reconstructive surgery services for people in need around the world.


This is fantastic and I am so proud of her for doing this with the money that was donated to her. Yes, she made a mistake, but now she is helping others and that is one great story!


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  1. Good news, and an awesome Doctor… Will keep you in my prayers..

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