You Can Get A 1,000 Piece ‘Friends’ Puzzle And It Is Epic

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The One With The Collage Puzzle.

There is a giant, 1,000 piece FRIENDS puzzle on Amazon, and I’m going to need this in my life!

I am a FRIENDS fanatic! I have seen every. single. episode. And, I can probably quote every line in the entire series back to you.

I know I’m not alone here!

When I came across this puzzle, I had a little freak out.

There are so many iconic moments from the show included in the scene that you reveal once you put this puzzle together — can you say Turkey Head?!?

We have SO much time on our hands right now, a puzzle is the PERFECT way to kill some of that time, keep your hands active, and your mind from going crazy!

This FRIENDS puzzle is only thirty-five bucks, and there is FREE SHIPPING. Could it BE a better deal?!?

When it’s all put together, this puzzle is 20 inches by 28 inches, and can fit perfectly in a frame of the same size. Don’t forget to mod podge it when your done putting it together!

You can get your big ol’ FRIENDS puzzle right on the Amazon website.

If you love FRIENDS as much as I do, you have GOT the check out this Guess Who game that has all FRIENDS characters. Ha!

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