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Hostess Released Caramel Chocolate Mini Donettes and I’m Stocking Up

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Please tell me that I’m not the only one that has went on a snack-a-palooza during all of this lockdown stuff… I’m not right? I have been trying so many new things because I spend a good bit of every day looking at stuff online, by stuff I mean food.

It’s becoming a problem, but I just can’t help myself, and I guess it is better than becoming a something worse than a snacker. I love Hostess Donettes Mini Donuts, and so do my kids.


Hostess has just introduced a new flavor that we just have to try! These Donnetes are Caramel Chocolate Mini Donuts! I love chocolate and caramel together, so this is kind of a must-try!


The Caramel Chocolate Mini Donuts are a chocolate donut that is covered in caramel icing. That sounds so good right now! Or maybe with my morning coffee!


The new Hostess Donette Caramel Chocolate Mini Donuts came out on July 9th and they are a Walmart exclusive.

So far there is no indication that this is limited-edition either! What is your favorite hostess Donette Mini Donut? Mine is powdered! So good! I really want to try the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor as well.


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