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These Floating Jellyfish Lights Turn Your Pool Into a Giant Aquarium

This is the coolest pool light I have ever come across! This is the Summer Waves® Aqua Glow Floating LED Jellyfish, I don’t even have a pool and I want this!


Look at how cool and realistic it is! It even has tentacles! The floating LED Jellyfish is an iridescent floating light with light tentacles hanging down into the water below.


Love these! I have a 27′ ag pool, and a few of these put a beautiful glow, and light up pool enough to see bottom for nighttime swimming. Look nice too!

Starlette – Walmart Reviewer

It has 6 functions for the LED lighting! The floating jellyfish light can give you an amazing light show with red, green, and blue lights! It has a multicolor twinkle setting, a fade setting, and even a steady light setting. You get to choose for your mood!


I bought 3 of these to light up our above ground pool. They are beautiful and add just the right amount of light. They are larger than I was expecting and well worth the price. The LED light have several settings: strobe, fade (my favorite), or solid color on any one of the 3 colors of lights. There is also a timer! On for 4 hours-off for 24 hours. I have mine set to come on at dusk. The pool glows! I highly recommend these.

ps23nina – Walmart Reviewer

It is battery-operated with 4 AA batteries, so I would suggest getting rechargeable batteries to save money on battery replacement.


It has 1 key control and also a 4-hour auto shut off timer so you don’t need to stress about whether you shut it down or not.


The LED floating Jellyfish light measures about 5.1 inches x 5.1 inches x 11 inches. You can order your own light-up floating Jellyfish from Walmart for only $10.44! It has amazing reviews!

P.S. Don’t worry if it is sold out when you check, it should be restocked because it is that popular!

Teresa Lewis

Sunday 14th of June 2020

Just wondering if I could use this in our 40 gallon aquarium?