California Is The First State To Go Back Into Coronavirus Lockdown

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Well, California is the first state to go back into total lockdown.

I can’t say I’m shocked. The coronavirus is ravaging places where rules have gotten lax. The state began to ease up on the restrictions, and people took full advantage, thinking they were now somehow safe from the virus.

I AM surprised that a governor had the courage to stand up to the masses, and reinforce the rules. It seems like so many officials are giving into the demands of the ones who are the loudest — and that tends to be the anti-mask and anti-social distancing crowd.

So, California is getting a proverbial spanking — a mass timeout. In the words of Yahoo News, “No tattoos. No touch ups. No pedicures. No Pilates. No movie premieres. No barhopping. No Sunday Mass.”

These new rules aren’t going to be quite as harsh as the first time around. They aren’t going all the way back to Phase 1, but more like a Phase 1.5.

For example, in this new version of lockdown, people will still be able to go out to eat, they just have to eat outside on the patio.

But, I’m sure, to some, it feels like a prison sentence once again.

Barbara Ferrer, the public health director for Los Angeles County, tried to lift spirits Monday as she closed a briefing on the latest cases and deaths. “We flattened the curve before, and I know we can do it again,” she said.

Yahoo News

The only way to make lockdown work this time, is to ENFORCE the rules. No more of this “These are the rules and guidelines, but you don’t really have to follow the rules, and by guidelines, we mean do it if you want to.”

This lax attitude simply is NOT going to work. Make a rule, and stick to it! EVERYONE stick to it. If you are going to say face masks are required, REQUIRE the face mask. If you are going to say there are to be no gathering, ENFORCE the rule of no gatherings.

During the 1918 flu pandemic, San Francisco authorities fined individuals $5 or $10 if they refused to comply with the face mask requirements. That’s the equivalent of $100 or $200 in today’s dollars

Yahoo News

Let’s do that again! That might make people be a little more conscientious and considerate.

Let this be a wakeup call for the rest of us. If we aren’t careful, we will go right back to where we were 4 months ago, and this ENTIRE thing will have been for nothing.

Forget the “are schools going to open back up” debate. We are about to go into NOTHING being opened back up.

Just follow the damn social distancing guidelines, and for the LOVE — wear the freaking mask.

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