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Comedy Central Is Bringing The Ren & Stimpy Show Back and I’m So Excited

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Way back in 1991, Nickelodeon gave us the Ren & Stimpy Show! It’s been 25 years since Nickelodeon and Spike TV quit running the show on air. Dang, I’m freaking old!

Well, it looks like Ren & Stimpy is coming back!

Nickelodeon Network

Comedy Central is bringing the show back for a newer generation to enjoy! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ren & Stimpy Show will be a “reimagined” take on the former Nickelodeon and Spike adult animated series.

The Nickelodeon Animated Studio will be developing the project. So far there isn’t any information about when the show will come out or how many episodes will be created.

We are excited to reinvent this iconic franchise with a new creative team and our partners at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Ren & Stimpy joins our rapidly expanding roster of adult animation including South ParkBeavis and Butt-Head and Clone High as we continue to reimagine our treasure chest of beloved IP for new generations.

Chris McCarthy said to The Hollywood Reporter

So first we find out that we are getting Beavis & Butthead back, now this! How exciting! If you have never watched the Ren & Stimpy Show, it follows Ren, who is a completely psychotic Chihuahua and Stimpy who is a dimwitted Manx Cat. It is aimed at adults, I was a teenager when it came out and loved it.


Did you watch the original series? Are you excited about it coming back with all-new episodes? Did you know you can watch the original Ren & Stimpy Show reruns on CBS All Access streaming?


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