Silk Just Released A Pumpkin Spiced-Flavored Almond Milk Just In Time For Fall

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I use Silk Almond Milk in just about every smoothie I make.

It’s a healthier option and I personally, don’t even notice the difference in taste if you’re nervous to try this healthier substitute!

Since September is right around the corner, many food and beverage companies are re-stocking their fall flavors and one of them, is pumpkin spice.

You can get pumpkin spice everything nowadays and Silk Almond Milk has finally hopped on that train and has created Silk Almond Pumpkin Spice Milk.

Courtesy of Silk

The Silk Almond Pumpkin Spice Milk only has a hint of pumpkin spice according to the front of the milk carton, but that’s all you need in order to add some fall flavor to your smoothie in the morning.

“Pumpkin spice up your glass, your smoothies, or stick a straw right in the carton. We don’t pumpkin shame. But get it before it’s gone—it’s only here for a limited time.”


Even Silk doesn’t blame you for using their almond milk in every beverage you make, whether that’s with your smoothie in the morning or coffee midday; although putting a straw directly into the milk carton is something I haven’t thought of it, but now want to try!

You can find this Pumpkin Spice Silk Milk at a store near you now. It’s already been spotted at Shop-Rite.


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