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Starbucks Is Launching Oat Milk In All U.S. Stores and I Can’t Wait To Try It

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Ah, Starbucks. It will always have a special place in my heart since I worked there for 12 years. And let me tell you, over the years I have seen a LOT of changes.

I remember a day before Frappuccinos. Before cake pops, cold brews, and even non dairy milk. When soy arrived, it was a game changer.

From there, coconut milk came into the picture. Almond milk has been the most recent addition over the past two years. But now its game changing time with oat milk!


Oat milk has already released in some stores as a test run to see how it would do. And now it’s going to release nationwide! The plan is to launch it into all stores by Spring 2021, but as it releases, your store could get it sooner!

Part of our aspiration to become resource-positive includes migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu. Therefore, expanding plant-based alternatives will be a big part of the solution,” Starbucks Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Kobori told VegNews. “The consumer demand curve is already shifting, and it’s fortunate that customers’ concern over the environment is showing up as increased demand for plant based beverages and foods—it has inspired plant-based menu innovation at Starbucks and will continue to drive progress toward achieving our goal.

Going down this path is what also brought us the impossible breakfast sandwich, which is vegetarian, while a vegan sandwich is in the works as well! Cheers to Starbucks!


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  1. Starbucks can not seem to get the oat milk hot. I have tried at two locations, Victoria and Courtenay BC. In December 2020. Very noticeably warm, nowhere near hot. I told them, they remade but no improvement. I am not going to pay $6 for a warm drink that I have to take home and microwave. Bummer, I love oat milk.

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