You May Be Able To See The Northern Lights Tonight And I’m So Excited

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In 21 days, 2020 will be over (thank goodness) and before the new year starts, mother nature is giving us a show.

There’s a chance you spot the northern lights depending on where you live.

To be more specific, the northern lights might be possible to view as far south as Pennsylvania and Oregon.

The sun has just released a massive solar belch and some of the sun’s energy will reach the atmosphere tonight which means you should clear your calendars to a look at the northern lights dance in the night sky!

If you notice your car’s radio crackle or your GPS glitches, it’s because of the incoming solar weather that can tamper with communication causing disruptions.

So no, it is not the new Apple update, this time!

Your GPS might glitch but with the bad always comes with the good and for the disruption of some communication, mother nature is making it up by giving us a chance to witness the beautiful northern lights.

Due to the strength of the storm, the northern lights might be visible for individuals who rarely get to see them which is super exciting!

According to NOAA’s Geomagnetic Storm Index, the northern lights may be visible for stargazers as far south as Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Seattle.

Most of the time the northern lights will produce a dazzling green color but if we’re lucky, mother nature will give us a handful of other colors from red to pink or blue to purple; considering how this year has been, we definitely deserve more than just one color!

If we’re lucky, we can watch a variety of colors in the rainbow dance in the night sky tonight.

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