Brach’s Just Released New Conversation Heart Candies That Are Anything But Romantic

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Valentine’s Day is all about love but Cupid’s day doesn’t always have to be so serious! 

Brach’s newest candy will surely put on a smile and leave the individual giggling for anyone on the receiving end of this candy.


Introducing Brach’s newest and most sarcastic heart shaped candies, “Wisecracks! End The Conversation Hearts.”


Brach’s End The Conversation Hearts are anything but romantic, in fact, what you’ll find on these hearts are sassy statements like “Dream On”, “Nope”, “4 Never”, and “Friend Zone.”

Pretty harsh right?

Throw these candies in any bowl on Valentine’s Day in your home or on your desk to give your bowl some serious sass. 

Courtesy of All City Candy

With all jokes aside, each candy comes in 6 unique flavors including wintergreen, lemon-lime, orange, banana, cherry, and lastly grape.

The bag itself is bright and colorful similar to the handful of colors each candy possesses and you can find the heart shaped candies currently at Hy-Vee.

Courtesy of All City Candy


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