Some Beaches Are Reopening And If You Plan To Go, Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

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There is a light at the end of this bleak, stay-at-home tunnel! There are certain places that are making an attempt to get back to some kind of normal, and society is about to sing its praises.

Some beaches have reopened to the public — hallelujah fresh air and sunshine!

But, just because the beaches are reopening, that doesn’t mean you should throw all social distancing guidelines out the window.

You still have to be safe about having your moment in the sun drenched white sands — or tan sands, or gray sands, depending on where you are.

Many beaches that have reopened, are operating on reduced hours.

Parking lots are still closed, and sunbathing has been taken off the beach agenda, as some places are fining people that plan to soak up the rays while laying on the sand.

The beaches are reopening for exercise activities. You can walk, jog, or swim, but you can’t sit and enjoy the sounds and bask in the sun.


They still want you to maintain a six-foot perimeter around your person, not letting others invade your personal bubble.


Parking may be the BIG issue, as we all know that parking spaces can be small and cramped. Use caution. Don’t be crazy.

My experience of beaches is that unless the beaches are remote, you will find real difficulty in keeping to the six-foot rule — You arrive, you put on your mask as you get out of the car to make sure you won’t encounter anybody and then you go down to the beach. If there’s nobody there, you can take your mask off — Do your exercising, and as you walk back to the parking lot, put it back on until you can get into your car safely again.

Dr. William Schaffner, infectious diseases specialist at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

If you MUST go to the beach, go during an “off” hour, when the threat of crowds are small.


The bottom line is, we still want you to be able to live and have fun, but we also want you to stay as safe as possible.


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