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Burger King Is Launching Reusable Packaging. Here’s What It Will Look Like.

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All over the world, we have been trying to come up with new ways to help our environment. What’s one of the biggest struggles we face? Waste.

There have been SO many new ideas coming out to reduce waste, but props to Burger King, of all places, to start moving forward on revamping the fast food industry in hopes of reducing waste!


Burger King is starting to test out reusable packaging for their products. But man, does that make things tricky.

Burger King

The trial is part of a partnership with TerraCycle’s zero-waste delivery platform, Loop. Customers can choose to use Burger King’s reusable packaging for menu items such as sandwiches, soft drinks and coffee.


They can then return the reusable container or cup to Burger King restaurants to be cleaned and reused.


Customers will be charged a small deposit upon purchase, and once the packaging is returned, they’ll receive a refund. Making it a little tricky, but worth it to those trying to make a difference.


These will first be introduced in New York, Portland and Tokyo, with plans to add more cities afterward.


So what are you thoughts on this? I personally love the idea, but at the same time, you have to remember to bring the item back and employees have more cleaning to do and I can see how it would get complicated fast. But hey, maybe they’re at least on to something!

Burger King

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