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You Can Shrink Your Child’s Letter To Santa For Your Elf on the Shelf To ‘Deliver’ To The North Pole

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Now, this Elf on the Shelf idea is cute…

I get so overwhelmed with Elf on the Shelf. By day 2, I’m pretty much done.

But, this Elf on the Shelf activity is one that I can definitely grab the kiddos and complete.

It’s easy, and gets the kids involved in something other than video games if only for a moment.

Remember Shrinky Dinks from when you were a kid?

This is the same idea, but in this case it’s shrinking your kids’ Christmas letters for your Elf on the Shelf to deliver to Santa.

I mean, your tiny elf can’t deliver full-sized letters, now can he (or she)?!?


Excitement builds as your children’s full-sized letters to Santa shrink into elf-sized 2.25 in messages that can be delivered straight to the North Pole by their Scout Elf!


Once Santa reads the letter, he will “send it back” with your Elf on the Shelf so you can turn it into a keepsake ornament.

This box set includes a book for your kids to read and all the supplies you will need to make and shrink the letters to Santa (you supply the oven).


We have done these 2 years in a row. The grandkids love them. If you follow the instructions, they turn out perfect.

Walmart Reviews

This box set of Shrinkable Elf on the Shelf Letters To Santa runs $23, and is great for making 6 letters.

To get your own Shrinkable Elf on the Shelf Letters To Santa set, head on over to the Walmart website.

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