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Here’s Why Starbucks Employees Are Striking On Red Cup Day

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Well, today is Red Cup Day at Starbucks…

But, you may have had a little trouble getting in the store to get your Red Cups.


#RedCupRebellion is trending on social media, and here’s why…

In some states, Starbucks Baristas are unionized. Those unionized Baristas just decided to go on strike, specifically on Red Cup Day.

Why? They want to address complaints about staffing and scheduling in the Starbucks stores.

Now, I used to work for Starbucks. Staffing and scheduling have been an issue for as long as I can remember — probably forever.

But, the unionized Starbucks Baristas have had enough, walking out on Red Cup Day.

You can imagine what a blow this is for Starbucks. Red Cup Day is one of their busiest days of the year.


The striking employees also want Starbucks to turn off mobile ordering on special promotion days. They are saying that there simply isn’t enough staff to handle the demand.

Apparently, this coordinated work walkout involves thousands of workers across more than 200 stores — if you believe the head of Starbucks Workers United.


Starbucks has their own, differing reports, saying that this strike was only going down at less than 100 locations across the nation.

The majority of the Starbucks locations that are dealing with striking employees remain open — although you can imagine what that is going to do for wait times to get your drinks.

Now, this same strike took place last year, on the same day, but this year’s strike efforts are expected to be larger, and have a bigger impact.

Whatever the outcome — and I hope the employees get a bit of a reprieve — give me my Red Cup, right?!?


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