You Can Get A ‘Golden Girls’ Face Mask To Wear While You Shop For Cheesecake

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Where are all my Golden Girls fans at?? Don’t be shy. You know you turn on the TV Land nighttime lineup to listen to them sing, “Thank you for being a friend.”

Now you can represent your favorite ladies, by wearing their pictures on a face mask!! You gotta wear a face mask anyway. You may as well make it fun!

Courtesy of RockAndWolle on Etsy

Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche grace the cover of this peachy-pink-colored, 3-layer, cotton fabric mask.

Courtesy of Kendra Cooper on RockAndWolle Via Etsy

It is preshrunk for you, before it is even sewn together. I can’t tell you what a difference this makes!!

I have become quite the connoisseur of fabric face mask, and there is nothing worse than getting a PERFECT mask in the mail, only to have it shrink a size in the wash. It’s maddening.

BUT, you don’t have to worry about that with THIS mask, because she’s already taken care of washing it for you!

Courtesy of RockAndWolle on Etsy

• 100% cotton fabric
• Soft Elastic Ear Loops / Latex Free
• High-quality Thread
• Triple Layered / No additional filter required
• Face, Filter and Backing
• Washable & Reusable
• Handmade
• Durable & Lightweight
• Custom Sizes for Adults, Teenagers, Children and Toddlers

RockAndWolle on Etsy

It is super easy to care for this Golden Girls mask. You just machine wash it in hot water on the delicate cycle. Then, you lay it out to dry.

When it’s done, you can iron it to take out the wrinkles, BUT make sure you don’t iron the elastic bands — they can melt. Ha!


One mask will cost you between $14 and $17, depending on what size you need. I like them just a touch big, so I can breathe. Otherwise, the mask sticks to my face when I try to take in a breath.

Courtesy of Etsy

You can get one of these CUTE masks right on the Etsy website, at the RockAndWolle shop.

Courtesy of RockAndWolle on Etsy

The only BAD news, you can’t eat cheesecake with your mask on.

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