Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

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  • We are reading my first three chapters of Sketch McGee here in blog tv and it is way fun! ZOMG!! #
  • we’re talking about how much I hate my chapter 2 #
  • OMG the Ninja and I are on blog tv talking about whatever we want to talk about… #
  • ohmigosh… twi fans… it’s the ultimate ninja fanpire!: Ninja BlogTV, LIVE NOW! #
  • WTF when did I stop following@ninjafanpire? #
  • I wish I would have gone to e3… #
  • okay… so I can’t turn chapter two into a mini cliffhanger… which makes me question my need for Chapter 2… #
  • If I fill up the kiddie pool outside and let the daughter swim… is that the same as giving her a bath? #
  • My daughter just told me that Eva was one of the ‘main characters’ in Wall-E. I guess that’s how you know your mom’s a writer! #
  • RT @lupin_bebop: Tetris is 25 today. Play it!! #
  • Okay home from birthday parties and I finally get to sink my teeth into @jodimeadows stuff… then @jimsissy (that’s the order I got em!) #
  • Dear Husband: Putting everything you can’t find a place for on my desk and cleaning up are not the same thing. #
  • I am at such a loss as to how to make someone BEG me to let them read on after they’ve read the first three chapters… #
  • The OC vs. Gossip Girl LOVE it! #
  • crap I just got sucked back in to General Hospital… #
  • Can we twittter yet?? #
  • Man… I love my main character… she’s the cat’s pajamas #
  • I listen to more Mamma Mia than most people should… #
  • 526,600 minutes…. #
  • Why is it that I always love the random character chemistry so much more than the main character chemistry? #
  • Does anyone use their own email address, but with gmail? Is that a good way to go? #
  • well… it’s only 84 here… so I don’t know what to tell ya! #
  • Now… you quote yours!!! #bookquote #
  • If by listening, you mean completely distracted by whatever it was you were doing with your hand just then-then yes, I was totally listening #
  • You know what song I do like though? ♫ #
  • I’m not sure when my pandora decided I lik country music… I don’t. #
  • haha “Well, you might be fright” I think I meant right there… #
  • what is a virtual assistant? #
  • The most interesting people are at starbucks… there’s a guy on the phone… he’s crying… why??? #
  • Want a reboot? #robotpickuplines #
  • Sweet Valley High is on Youtube… cancel my plans for tonight, I’m stayin in! #
  • I am so settled into my starbucks spot… werd. #
  • 1948 followers think I will hit 2k this weekend? LOL I am guessing not… #
  • Tonight I write! What’s everyone else up to this fine evening? #
  • Mascara alert… This woman’s blog… it gets me every time… #
  • ight krispy kreme always gave away free donuts? why would people flock there today? #
  • Did you guys know CUT was Chinese for hug? #
  • RT @bookwhore: @jamieharrington Lmao, so then the apocalypse will be sponsored by robot-plague-zombie-pirate-ninja’s? #
  • haha conan’s new set is the super mario world! #
  • quick… someone give me a blog topic… aaaannnnnd go! #
  • Is Jennifer Lopez supposed to be Greek in The Wedding Planner?? WTF? #
  • so wolfram alpha is like the magic eight ball of search engines? #
  • oh wow! so I posted the first two chapters in past for people to review at that OWW place… and now I am stressing haha! #
  • oh the @woot is a nice machine tonight! #
  • okay so far… seesmic desktop> tweetdeck #
  • I went with white nail polish today instead of black… I’m totally feeling the eighties? #
  • confession: I don’t know what ‘cold open’ means and can’t really figure it out lol #
  • It worked out really well if you have a secret underground lair you needed to hide from everyone. #
  • book quote time! I just made myself lol #
  • If you haven’t voted in my which tense do you like best poll, please do! #
  • When does Big Brother come on in the US? #
  • I conquered the grocery store! Now, if I can just get up the guts to post my first chapter on OWW 🙂 #
  • I am going to the grocery store at 12:30! everyone got that? lol #
  • okay so I still want more opinions! Which worked better? The past or the present! (There’s a poll) #
  • Didn’t I say I was going to bed? I never listen to myself… #
  • oh pnadora you make me dance in my chair… #
  • Okay, please vote in my poll! I have the first few lines of my book in past and present… which do you like? #
  • I actually can’t stop watching Joe Jonas make a complete fool out of himself… #
  • Husband:I think the toilet is running Me:Resisting urge to make ‘you better go catch it’ joke so hard my eyes are watering #
  • heheheheheheh storm troopers #
  • Oh WoW! After all this feedback I am living in Sketch tonight! She’s so smackin’ cool! #
  • It’s something I definitely need to think about, because I know that 1st has been a challenge for me, so my story might be stronger in 3rd #
  • For the record… it was a GOOD rejection and made me quite happy! I learned a lot about my book! I think she’s right! #
  • oh snap! I had an agent tell me they didn’t like my present tense thing! Any tips from the pros? #
  • every day at this time I get so sleepy… #
  • this is the time of day where I crash… #
  • If you want me to follow your blog feed, give me a big button to click, don’t make me hunt for it! #
  • I am in love with this decorating site! #
  • ugh rain rain go away! I want @jodimeadows 10 minute storm and not this all day and night stuff! #
  • oh hey big surprise my verizon bill’s still wrong… guess I get to call them again… sigh… #
  • Ugh… I guess I should pay bills since it’s the beginning of the month, eh? #
  • Okay, I need these gloves in like EVERY color from @tinkerandPo #
  • I think today is a hang out at home and do a lot of nothing day! #
  • I am so never showing my Pandora station to anyone… I would die of embarrassment! #
  • haha yes! June 23! Janet Evanovich Releases Finger Lickin Fifteen! (How long is this series anyway?) #
  • Shouldn’t the latest Janet Evanovich be coming out soon? #
  • lol the funniest one is the first comment! RT @wickedchops #
  • According to the daughter, if I plan on keeping her, here’s all I have to do: #
  • So, UP was way cute! But kind of sad too… #
  • Is that a chocobo in this up movie?? #
  • Omg previews for the Disney princess and the frog hooray!!! #
  • Hey scientists I would pay triple if you would figure out how to eliminate shots from my kid’s doc checkup. #
  • Ugh taking the kid to the doctor means I have to wear pants right? #nopants #
  • Lol loving the man page 🙂 #
  • Daughter: I wish my Dad transformed to a wolf like that guy in the twilight trailer. (How does she know what a trailer is?) #
  • RT @daphneun Free book to my 1000th follower, not my 100th! #
  • Since the Daughter turns 4 today I decided to post her many many hairstyles! #
  • Definitely swooning over the New Moon Trailer, but it will be weird for her to learn about Jake then instead of later #
  • Is it November yet??? #
  • OMG I can’t stop watching it! #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #Writer #author #blogger #
  • Seriously? this guy has 10k followers and??? #
  • And today my daughter has a new imaginary friend… Teresa #
  • People who try to follow my RSS feed with their google reader can’t get it to work any suggestions? #
  • My baby just got her ears pierced! CRAZY! #
  • How the he’ll are twitter viruses even possible? #
  • Just got done watching Erin brokovich. Man that movie makes you hate the man, doesn’t it? #
  • awwww, they took the other topics off the list #ohyeswedid #
  • indeed… they go well with lemonade #
  • Okay, what’s #ohnotheydidnt and why is it trending? #
  • haha people are going to unfollow me if I don’t stop tweeting this! ♫ #
  • what what what what? ♫ #
  • shhhhhhhh ♫ #
  • What? You can’t touch it either… ♫ #
  • for @thekelliejane just cause I’m lovin’ me some Serenity! ♫ #

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  2. whoopsmtimes up the judge has closed the dow the court, good thing I was about 2 start telling on myself


  4. I loved Sweet Valley High!

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  5. I haven’t gotten into the twitter thing yet. I am behind the times.
    Welcome to SITS!

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