A Pandora Frozen 2 Collection Is Here And You Have To See It

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This is not a drill! Disney X Pandora has brand new FROZEN 2 charms that are absolutely charming — see what I did there?

Photo Credit Pandora

I am already in my Disney Happy Place with Disney+, and now Pandora has brought out new charms to help feed my obsession! Thanks a lot, Pandora!


Pandora has peered into the deepest parts of my heart, and brought us a line of Frozen 2 charms. I’m so in love! Here is my bank account number. Just set up an automatic payment plan. It will be easier that way.

Photo Credit Pandora

“Disney’s Elsa, Anna and Olaf are back for more winter fun this holiday season and there’s a new collection of charms to celebrate.”

Photo Credit Pandora

Pandora has these absolutely gorgeous double-dangle charms. They feature the Frozen 2 characters of Elsa and Anna on one charm, and beautiful cubic zirconia on the second charm. I would be proud to have these displayed on any bracelet or necklace! OMG — just look what they have engraved on the back of this one!

Photo Credit Pandora

This absolutely perfect Anna charm features sterling silver and totally gorgeous cubic zirconia in honey, orange, red and purple hues. These are totally my colors!

Photo Credit Pandora

Anna is always fearless and determined, and to go with her beautiful spirit, just LOOK at the back of this charm! I absolutely LOVE it. I’m not crying, you are!

Photo Credit Pandora

This gorgeous horse is Nokk. He is one of the element spirits. He takes of the form of water, and uses the powers of the ocean to be a protector of the secrets of the forest. Can he protect me too? He would look PERFECT next to the Elsa charm!


My favorite Frozen character of all is, of course, OLAF!! Just look at this sterling silver Olaf charm! He won’t have to worry about melting here. I must have him. That Olaf nose — GAH!

Photo Credit Pandora

This is the Frozen Winter Crystal charm. It brings together the spirit of all the characters, and symbolizes love and loyalty. Just look all the way around this charm! All my favorite characters are represented in one beautiful piece.

You can get your Frozen 2 charms right on the Pandora site. You can BET I’ll be going there to start my Frozen 2 collection!

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