Cut is Chinese for Hug

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kailanSo, my daughter loves that little Kai-Lan show, and I am okay with it too. It’s cute, the songs are snappy–and no one takes their top off. (That’s how you know for sure it’s quality family programming these days.)

But, her new thing is that she has decided she speaks Chinese… when it’s convenient.

We’ve been talking about how you need to be careful with knives and you shouldn’t touch them because you might cut yourself or someone else. A few days later she says to her father, “Dad, I’m going to cut you with a knife.”

My husband immediatly responded with, “Oh, Halle that isn’t very nice. You need to apologize and never say that to people again. Okay.”

So she says:

Dad, it’s okay. Cut is Chinese for Hug. I meant I was going to HUG you with the knife. *Cue grin*

And lately… lots of things have been Chinese… if we ask her to clean up, then she can’t understand us because she only speaks Chinese–or if she wants dinner and I am about to serve peas… then PEAS is Chinese for CAKE.

Come to think of it… I think I kind of like this new language… maybe I should learn it too!

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  1. Greetings! Very usefuⅼ advice within this post! It’s the little changes
    that produce the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, found ya on SITS! I know the feeling! My toddler speaks more spanish and chinese than he does english!! it’s too cute though! i think cake is universal language!! come on by and say hi anytime =)

    Alicia’s last blog post..Just remember, you said I could!