20 Things about My Main Character…

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So, something I have trouble with in my writing is portraying the traits and actions of my main character… like I see her in my mind, so I have a lot of trouble putting her on paper… I have to go back and write more about her after the fact.

I read the other day about someone who said to put twenty character traits your main character has on paper… so here’s my list… AND I learned some really cool things about her. She likes Red Vines? I had no idea… I mean she eats them all the time, but I didn’t realize this!

Next time I write a book, I will do my character seets first!

Amy See:

  1. Scratches her head
  2. Loves to make prank calls
  3. Constantly checks her email on her phone
  4. Eats Red Vines when she’s nervous
  5. Calls her mom every day
  6. Is stubborn about being comfortable (comfy clothes, comfy digs, etc.)
  7. Doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready
  8. Is overprotective of her little brother
  9. Can overlook her jealousy and still love the people she’s jealous of
  10. Cries
  11. Gets her way
  12. Admires her mother and tries to emulate her good qualities
  13. Has money, but isn’t spoiled about it
  14. Is an insatiable flirt
  15. Talks to herself in her head all the time
  16. Is afraid of heights
  17. Has the favorite color pink
  18. Is forgetful
  19. Gets goofy when she’s drunk
  20. Loves to sleep

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  1. I love this list. I’ve not done this with my main character and now I am going to sit down and do it – THANKS!! You know I wish you all the best with your book – I DO! I can’t wait to hear that you’ve found an agent/publisher and you finally see your dream come true. I hope I’m right behind you fullfilling mine!

    Take care – Kellan

  2. So cool, I am so not a writer, so to me it’s so weird how the character tells you these things. It’s so interesting though.
    Ok, so you’re on your 2nd book. Is the first one published? Whats it about?

  3. I find the process of writing fascinating. I have long aspired to write and still dream of taking classes. I really respect your sharing with us your learning process as you write. Can’t wait to see where you lead Amy, and she leads you… and her readers. 🙂

  4. i think that amy is just a “SUPPER-SPOILD-BRAT”(that’s what i call people like…”THAT”!!! oh! and can you tell amy for me that i think she needs to get a life!!! 🙂 ivy

    1. Here’s hoping that Amy breaks that stereotype and shows the world she’s more than that!