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Loving the iPhone Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Okay, so one of the really cool things about the iPhone is that I can hand it to my three year old when we are standing in line waiting on some random whatever and she can PLAY with it!  I LOVE this about the thing.  I know what you are thinking here… you hand your three year old your iPhone?  Yes, yes I do… BUT…. I did a couple of things to protect it.  The first thing I did was get one of those screen protector thingies from the apple store, and then I think we have found pretty much the best cases they are making right now…These awesome Griffin ones.  Seriously… They slide into your pocket, and they are like invincible… but they don’t look TOO stupid, and all the important parts of the phone are open for you to get to.

Now, remember, your kid is going to be able to get into ALL that other stuff on your phone… so if your patience is easily tried… maybe you shouldn’t hand them your phone after all…

Okay, so see my iPhone is totally protected and I don’t like let my kid play with it unsupervised in the other room!  LOL I am not that dumb!  Anyway…. here are THE best Apps I have found so far for my preschooler on the iPhone:

Now, let me just say that I haven’t tried them ALL yet… but I do plan on trying more of them, and I promise to let you know what I think of each of them as I do.

Okay, my hands down favorite app of all is the preschool adventure.  It has four different games and my kid can play them NO problem.  I think it is really neat that they are all educational and fun (okay, this one is mostly fun, but still…) but they don’t have to worry about the hand eye coordination thing of learning the mouse, so they are able to do the COOLEST stuff with these things.  My daughter LOVES this game, and my iPhone will NEVER again go without it.

Another good, and educational one is alphabet sound machine now, I am not TOTALLY as big of a fan of this as I am the other one, and I think this one can get boring after a while, but it is still a really good app for my kid to play with while we are standing in line at the grocery store.

One of my personal favorites, based on sheer cuteness alone, is iGotchi.  We feed him, we pet him, we tickle him, and he grows up!  It’s like Furby in your phone, and who doesn’t love Furby, right?  This one is just cute, and my kid loves to make the little fuzzball laugh.  Is it worth two bucks?  Well, that is less than a soda most times… so I say yeah… he will make you smile, and a smile is totally worth a couple of dollars!

Bubbles! Bubbles is free, bubbles is pretty, and it makes a great popping sound!  Basically you just run your hand over the screen and bubbles appear, then you can ‘pop’ them.  Hey, it’s free, what’s not to like about free, right?  My kid will pop bubbles for a while though… and it gives her something else to do!

The first app I bought on my iPhone was Koi Pond, and it is okay, but it is neat if you put your finger down eventually the little fish walk up and nibble it!  That’s some virtual fun right there, right?

And the one my daughter can’t get enough of?  Scribble! She loves this one, and they recently updated it so that she can draw on the pictures in my phone!  It is a great little free drawing app with not too many options, so my kid is able to play with it no problems!

I just hope that more companies come out with these in the future.  Here’s hoping someone cool like Disney or Nick starts putting out iPhone Apps!  I would love to see some princess games in the near future.  And, with the recent rumors about iPod touches going down in price for the Christmas season… it might actually be an option to get one for your toddler, and way cooler than that boring ‘ol DVD player, right?

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