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A little sad about being spoiled…

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No, not that kind of spoiled, silly.

I am the queen of spoilers, I read them religiously.  And since I am in love with all things Twilight recently, I read piles of spoilers.

So, now that the big DVD release is just a few days away, here’s the problem.  I am not excited about it at all.  I mean, I have watched every single minute of the pre released DVD spoilers, and I have seen the movie more times than I can count. (At the movie theatre, mind you… I definitely haven’t watched a horrible cam shot with the super hot scene cut out, and then the recently leaked high digital DVD copy.  I would never do that.)

I have a friend that hasn’t been keeping up with the internet and all the most up to date spoilers, and she has a big plan.  She is shipping the kids off while she orders out from a fancy Italian restaurant. (Bella, we’re making Italiano for you.) And she’s going to watch the movie, the commentary, and EVERYTHING on the entire DVD all in one night.  How fun does that sound?

So, shame on me for getting spoiled!  Maybe I could make it up to myself by watching that outtake of the dream scene again…

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  1. Your friend is my kind of woman…she knows what she needs/wants and goes for it, not hurting anyone in the process. Much happy viewing to her, I say!