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This Famous Ball Pit Bar Is What Inner Child Dreams Are Made Of And I’m Packing My Bags

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You will totally want to book a vacay to London JUST to go to this bar.

Remember when you were a kid, and everytime you went somewhere that had a ball pit, that’s all you wanted to do?

We didn’t know as kids that colorful pit of balls was actually a petri dish of pee and bacteria. LOL!!

Well, there is a bar in London that you are totally going to want to check out!

It’s called Ballie Ballerson, and they not only make tasty cocktails, but they have two huge ball pits that are just screaming for you to jump right in.

Let me clarify. These ball pits are for adults only!! No pee involved. Ha!

One million balls, two giant ball pits and stunning cocktails to match. Welcome to the home of balls.

Ballie Ballerson

Y’all. They even clean their balls (tee-hee) regularly. Between the hand sanitizer, the soap, and the ball cleaner, you are pretty much guaranteed a safe, fun environment.

How Much Does A Trip To Ballie Ballerson Cost?

You might think this would be one hella expensive foray into adult fun. You would be 100% wrong.

They offer 3 ticket tiers. The VIP experience, general admission, and Saturday brunch. Any way you choose to go, you’re going to have an epic time!

You’ll want to bring your entourage for the VIP experience. It includes entry to Ballie Ballerson all night, plush booth seating for 2 hours, 2 hour ball pit access, welcome cocktail for each person, and table service.

The price for the VIP experience ranges from £10 to £27.50 ($13 to $35 per person).

The general admission price includes: all night entry to Ballie Ballerson, 2 hour access to the ball pits, full pizza and cocktail menu available to order, casual first come first serve seating.

The price for the general admission tickets ranges from £4 to £12.50 ($5 to $16 per person).

Then there is the bottomless brunch. This is the experience I want to hit up!! It offers 2-hour access to the ball pits, high-top tables (on a first come first serve basis), front row for grabbing Pornstar Martinis from the bar, plus 90 minutes of unlimited fizz, and tasty pizza.

Booking your brunch experience ranges in price from £25 to £30 ($32 to $38 per person).

What Is There To Do At Ballie Ballerson?

Now, after you hit up the dance floor and the ball pits, you can order food off their pizza menu. They have SO many tasty pies to choose from, and they range from £9 to £11 ($11.50 to $14 per pizza).

What would a bar be without cocktails, AMIRITE?!?

They have an EXTENSIVE cocktail menu that includes everything from signature cocktails to shots and mocktails.

Just looking through these drinks, I want to try them all!! OMG, the Skittles Sour, and the Watermelon Vodka sound dangerous. LOL!

Ballie Ballerson is located at 97-113 Curtain Road in London. Pick me up on your way!!

You can order your tickets to Ballie Ballerson HERE.

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