Top Super Bowl Commercials

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Let’s be honest, unless you are a huge fan of a team playing in the super bowl, you’re really only there for the food, commercials, and half-time show.

This year delivered on commercials that has everyone talking.

If you happened to miss them or just want to rewatch them again, check out the Top Super Bowl Commercials below.

Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

This first commercial is one that all parents can relate to. Not going to lie, it’s nice to see a commercial geared towards dads!

For all you Game of Thrones fans, or maybe if you’re just a Bud Light fan, you’ll enjoy this…

Enjoy Pepsi? You’ll like this one. Also, what ever happened to Lil’ John? I haven’t seen him in years!

Of course it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl commercial without some Stella Artois thrown in your face…

Who doesn’t love a good dog commercial, that also has to do with food?

And of course, our hearts were touched with Google’s commercial…


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