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Ariana Richards Recreated The Iconic Jurassic Park Jello Scene and Now I Feel Old

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Ariana Richards has just made Jurassic Park history!

Other than playing an iconic character in Jurassic Park, Ariana has celebrated the film’s 30th anniversary in a very special way…

Once again, and reprising her role as Lex Murphy, Ariana has recreated a famous scene from the Jurassic Park film!

Can you think of the scene? Hers’s a hint, green jello.

Courtesy of @kruflce

In a recent TikTok video posted by Jurassic Park, Ariana recreates the scene where we all know a large dinosaur is heading straight towards her.

Ariana duets the original scene she played as a young girl and recreates the famous shot where she’s about to eat a spoonful of jello until she notices a dinosaur is stomping towards her.

Courtesy of @jurassicworld

And she even made sure to make the jello jiggle on the spoon to show the depth of the dinosaurs’ footsteps and perfected the fearful look on her face as if a real dinosaur was running to her on set!

After recreating the iconic scene in Jurassic Park, the TikTok video went viral on social media.

Courtesy of @jurassicworld

Fans of the dinosaur series were quick to comment how excited they were to see Ariana return as Lex even for a brief five seconds.

“That’s the most iconic scene in the Jurassic Park films”, wrote one TikTok user while another said “So cool to see her recreate that scene, stated another social media user.”

Courtesy of @jurassicworld

Although aside from the excitement, others explained that seeing Ariana recreate the scene all grown up has made them feel old!

“You do not know… how old this made me feel,” one social media user commented.

Courtesy of @arianarichards

Happy 30th anniversary Jurassic Park, and we still can’t believe it’s been 30 years since the movie initially released!

Courtesy of @banthtasticmedia

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