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According to Reports, Kanye West Has Been Missing For Weeks

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Is Kanye West missing?

Well, it would appear so.

According to his former business manager, he can’t locate the larger-than-life Donda rapper.

That’s odd, since Kanye is always stirring up some kind of drama in the news and on the social media circuit.

Thomas St. John, who is Ye’s former senior financial adviser, is trying to serve him papers.

The only problem is, he can’t find him.

St. John is suing Kanye over lack of payment — a $4.5M contract lawsuit, to be exact.

This gigantic sum of money comes from Kanye allegedly refusing to pay fees owed to St. John.

When confronted by the 18-month commitment that had just been made, Mr. West stated words to the effect of ‘The 18-month term was bulls**t’ and ‘You’re insane for even thinking I would stick to it.

News Max

He has been unable to find an exact address for Kanye, and can’t serve him the court papers until Kanye shows up.

Not only that, St. John hasn’t been able to reach legal representation for Kanye.

When he tries to contact Kanye’s legal peeps, he is basically sent in a loop of confusion.

We subsequently learned of information in the news that the law firm identified as new counsel was not affiliated with the defendants. Accordingly, we have not been able to serve defendants through their counsel.

Court Documents cited by The U.S. Sun

We have not been able to serve defendants through their counsel. As a general matter, we have had difficulty confirming the best current address of Kanye West.

Court Documents cited by The U.S. Sun

The Daily Loud sent out a Tweet on December 28th, claiming Kanye is missing, and it has everyone wondering what the heck happened to him.

Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.

Daily Loud

So, is Kanye really missing?

Who really knows. I’m sure he’ll turn up in the news sooner or later!

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