Twizzlers Released An Untwisted Version Of Their Candy and Appropriately Named Them ‘Izzlers’

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We all know the classic Twizzlers commercial, am I right guys? The title of the commercial is “You Can’t Be Serious” and they’re right!

The candy is contagiously goofy, and it’s hard not to smile when you have a Twizzler in hand!

The candy has been around for decades with the same look and packaging. However, Twizzlers has taken a leap of faith and created something out of the ordinary aside from the regular go-to look we’re used too.

This might come as a bit of a shock, but the new candy is now as smooth as a baby’s bottom! You might be asking right now, “What do you mean there’s no twist? Well, Twizzlers has done something crazy you guys!

Twizzlers has taken out the “T” and the twist of the common candy we’ve all known to grow and love, and they’re calling it “izzerls”

The strawberry flavored candy has yet to announce their new design, but they are listed on Walmart’s website!

For about two dollars, you can get yourself a 12 ounce bag of “izzerls” to see for yourself if the smooth surface is just as good or maybe even better, than the regular rigid Twizzlers.

Happy snacking!

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