Here’s How to Remove Your Dip Manicure At Home

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Alright ladies, now I don’t know about you, but having to get my nails done is a weakness for me.

There’s just something about a fresh set of nails that is so pleasing. They not only look good, but it gives me an excuse to wear whatever I please because having your nails done pulls any outfit together.

Personally, I generally prefer gel nail polish over acrylics. But don’t get me wrong, from time to time, I do have a sudden urge to get fake nails that have that fine tune look.

Recently I’ve been having to fight off the urge to completely rip off my chipped gel polish, because as we all know ladies, doing this can ruin your nails! And what drives even more crazy than not having my nails done, are brittle nails. Been there, done that and never again!

Due to nails salons temporarily shutting down, my regular “check nails done” off of my to do list has been put on hold, and I’m sure most of you ladies out there, are struggling with what to do with your nails too at the moment.

Well, since we can’t get our nails done and if you’re not patient enough to do your own, the next best thing is take it off, and here’s how to do it, SAFELY.

To start off, you’ll need a nail filer, cuticle pusher, acetone nail polish remover, aluminum foil and last but not least, cotton balls!

Once you’ve grabbed all of your necessities, start off by filing the surface of the gel polish to remove its shine (this also works for dip manicures).

Next, soak the cotton ball in acetone and place it on the surface of your nail. Then, wrap a square of tinfoil around the nail, so that the cotton ball is firmly pressing up against the polish.

Wait 15 minutes and you’re done! Any left over polish can be removed with your cuticle pusher!

If you want something really EASY that will take your polish off – this is a little bottle of magic. It’s actually called Magic Nail Polish remover and it’s amazing! You can get it for like $8 on Amazon Here.


Having your nails done at home has never been so easy! Well, at least the part where we get to take off the polish!

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