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10 Brilliant Ideas For A Fun Under The Sun Staycation

Vacations are awesome. Vacations give us that much needed rest and relaxation. Vacations also give us huge bills, and if traveling with kids, let’s be real, it’s not a vacation, it’s a trip. Staycations though, are where it’s at. Really, they rock. Here are 10 brilliant ideas for a fun under the sun staycation.

10 Brilliant Ideas For A Fun Under The Sun Staycation

1. Have a camp out outside.

Grab some sleeping bags, a flashlight, some good books, and a tent if you’re able, and ta da – summer fun is at your fingertips.

2. Host a luau.

Grab a ton of fresh fruit, whip up some punch, make some grass skirts and leis , and swish and sway under the sun all afternoon!

3. Set up a lemonade stand.

Gather up friends or siblings and spend the day making and selling lemonade on your block. A great way to chill and hang with your friends while making a bit of moolah on the side. Also, if you use organic lemons you can charge more!

4. Run through the sprinkler.

For REALZ.  This can be the funnest thing ever.  Not so great in areas where you have water restrictions or dangers of drought, but if that’s the case….use a water tank and a pump set up – and keep recycling the water through.

5. Have a themed BBQ Block Party.

Pick a destination theme, such as Cuba, Italy, France or Mexico, and organize a block party for your neighbourhood where everyone comes and brings themed food and beverages. Decorate accordingly.


6. Build a butterfly garden.

Seriously,  gardening is great fun, and so is watching  the bees and butterflies at work.  Learn about building pollinator hotels, the kinds of flowers butterflies and bees like best, and what else you can do to attract them.

7. Create your own wine tasting tour!

If you live within driving distance of some wineries, great! If not, get a little more creative, and involve friends and local establishments. Choose a designated driver for safety and good conversation.

8. Hit the local pools, water parks, fairs and museums.

Make a whole day of it by packing picnics, and taking your time. Use a map to get around, and you can feel like a tourist. Rush there, but take your time heading home – like you would if you were on a vacation.

9. Host or arrange a friendly volleyball / badminton / tennis tournament.

Use balloons,  and you have great fun for all ages and all skill levels!

10. Have a summer reading book club.

Seek out all of the summer themed books you can find and invite your fellow book worms to have a read – a- thon.  You can do this well into the night if you want to combine it with option 1!

Grab your sunscreen,  fill up your water bottles, slip on your flip flops and get ready for some fun under the sun staycations!

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