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You Can Crochet Your Own Plush Stitch Doll And I Need To Make One Now

Awww! This is just the CUTEST! There have been so many crochet patterns shared here lately, but y’all…this is Stitch!


I know a ton of people, including myself that would love to have one of these little Stitch crocheted dolls to cuddle! Look at those ears!


Stitch is very large, its size is 16″ and it is made of plush yarn (Himalaya Dolphin baby or Yarnart Dolce).


This etsy shop is ran by Guzel who is a Amigurumi designer. She loves to crochet toys with plush yarn (velvet, velour) and her favorite yarn is Himalaya Dolphin Baby (you can search it on ETSY).

All crochet patterns in the store are in English but she also offers them in Russian if you message her.


I suggest you to crochet the main character of the cartoon “Lilo and Stitch”

All children and adults fall in love with him at first sight! It is very soft and pleasant to the touch


This woman is super talented! You can find the CUTEST patterns in her shop.

You can get the Stitch doll crochet pattern to create your very own Stitch doll in the Etsy shop for only $8.00 as a digital download!

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