Toucan Sam Has Been Redesigned By Kellogg’s And People Are Not Happy About It

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It seems that Kellogg’s has decided it was time to give Toucan Sam, the Fruit Loops mascot, a makeover. This makes sense, considering most brands evolve and better themselves on a regular basis. But fans are NOT having this new mascot.


Toucan Sam has been a recognizable animated mascot for Kellogg’s’ Froot Loops brand since 1968.  Last week, the company unveiled a new look for the cartoon character.


The new design is much brighter and technicolor. It’s supposedly more “kid-friendly”. But longtime Froot Loops fans have taken the new look Sam as a slap in the face and are airing their grievances on social media.

I mean, it’s a bit bright. And a bit too technicolor. I also personally am not understanding the placement of the mouth.


Flat designs are where it’s at now, so that part I understand. But it’s a bit MUCH. I almost get anxious just looking at it. I feel like I’ve taken some drugs and am seeing things.

Some artists have even taken it upon themselves to redesign the design, and I’m actually quite the fan of some of the things I’m seeing.

Ok, maybe not that one above. That one is probably going to be in a nightmare tonight. Awesome.

But after seeing the original design of Froot Loops, I actually personally would love to see a retro comeback. But unfortunately, just like Trix, Froot Loops are for “kids” so they are trying to find the right approach for the new generation. But they just might have missed it a smidge.

What are your thoughts? Adorable? Creepy? Trippy? Comment below!


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  1. It might be brighter but that’s about it LOL , bring back retro guy back…this new one is scary

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