Amazon Is Reporting Price Gouging to Law Enforcement and I’m So Glad

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Ever since this all started, Amazon has been under some heat for the amount of price gouging their platform has allowed.

While Amazon has been trying to catch these insanely priced products, they are now doing something even beyond deleting the listings…

According to CNN, Amazon is now reporting price gouging to law enforcement and honestly, I’m so glad.

In its attempt to crack down on price gouging of hand sanitizer and other products during the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon is referring the most egregious offenders to local or state law enforcement in the US and elsewhere for prosecution.


“If what they are doing is so bad it deserves it,” Amazon senior vice president Jay Carney told CNN today.

Here’s the thing – I compeltely agree.

In case you missed it, there was a Tennessee man that horded over 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and attempted to sell them for a high price on Amazon on eBay.

The platforms caught it and deleted all his listings and banned him from posting on their platforms.

What happened next?

Well, authorities confiscated them and made him donate them to local charities, churches and his community.

I am not going to lie, that outcome made me happy.

Times are already HARD right now and we shouldn’t have to worry about some trying to take advantage of others. It’s not the time to be selfish.

So, on behalf of my entire family, thank you Amazon for doing this. And people, be kind and be selfless. The world could use it right now.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Here’s How you can report price gouging on Amazon.

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