Man Who Hoarded Over 17,000 Hand Sanitizers Is Forced To Donate Them

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The other day we told you about a Man Who Hoarded Over 17,000 Hand Sanitizers to try to up-sell them online and now, we have an update… He was forced to donate them!

New York Times

Matt Colvin, the man who traveled over 1,300 miles to hoard and resell over 17,000 hand sanitizers is now having to donate all of his findings.

Tennessee’s attorney general began investigating Colvin’s price gouging sales earlier today.

As soon as Colvin caught word, he packed up two thirds of his stockpile and gave it to local charities and churches.

The attorney general seized the remainder of Colvin’s stockpile and is planning to distribute it in Kentucky, the state where Colvin has also cleared the shelves.

New York Times

As this story has spread, thousands of people have lashed out and attacked Colvin on his quest to make some quick cash.

He claims that he has even received death threats. But in a recent interview, he claims that he is not sorry for what he did and will just cut his losses at this point.

New York Times

He stated to New York Times,

“I’ve been buying and selling things for 10 years now. There’s been hot product after hot product. But the thing is, there’s always another one on the shelf,” he said. “When we did this trip, I had no idea that these stores wouldn’t be able to get replenished.”

New York Times

Colvin has been suspended on Amazon and Ebay as a seller. His storage company has refused his service. The attorney general is still investigating this entire situation and will perform any further consequences needed.

Here’s to hoping Colvin has learned his lesson and that everything that has been donated ends up in the hands of those who truly need it.

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  1. I agree his greed is a crime not only legally and more to the point morally. He should get jail time he is the lowest of Low’s

  2. I’m a single mother and have been looking for sanitizer for months now. I’ve been going nuts to find just one bottle of it here in NY and this is disgusting to see. I wish some would be donated to us. I’m infuriated to read this!

    1. God Bless You and I totally understand. I have been looking everywhere for days for my daughters and mainly for my grandson to no avail. This man used a crisis to make money and has no guilt. also has no common sense or heart and what’s wrong with our country.

  3. He operated with no heart but he’s just following the example of big business and pharmaceutical companies. Medication that can determine whether you live or die is sold for exorbitant prices. He is a gutless greedy wretch, he is also a product of his environment.

  4. Greedy., self-centered people like this make me sick! He was only looking for a way to pad his own pockets in a critical time in our nation when these products could play an essential role in the well-being of many people. I’m glad he got “stuck” with lots of product he had to donate. My only hope is he doesn’t try to pull a similar trick to recoup his losses and the “powers that be” watch him like a hawk!!!

  5. So ummmm when is pharmacare gonna get slapped equally as hard for their price gouging on insulin? Among other drugs

  6. “I had no idea that these stores wouldn’t be able to get replenished.”

    BULL. You wouldn’t have traveled so much and bought it all out if you thought stores would just restock. You knew exactly what you were doing. Jerk.

  7. He did not learn his lesson as he stated he wasn’t sorry for what he did. A hot product during times of a “fad” are quite different than a global pandemic where thousands are dying. Not only should everyone refuse to do business with this guy but let’s hope the Attorney General comes after him with the full extent of the law.