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You Can Get A Life Size Animatronic Sally From ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ That Sings A Song From The Movie

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I sense there’s something in the windIt feels like Halloween’s at hand.*

I love Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean, my heart belongs to Jack Skellington, but Sally comes in a pretty close second.

I already have an animatronic Jack, but I can NOW get an animatronic Sally to complete the set! Gah! It’s simply meant to be.

This animatronic Sally has her signature rag piece dress, and they’ve even completed the look with her droopy striped socks.

Sally sings her signature song — ‘Sally’s Song’ — that she sings in the movie, and it’s PERFECT.

She is motion activated, and blinks as she sings and moves her right arm around.

You can get Sally right on the Home Depot website. She will run you $199, and she ships for FREE.

You can choose to have Sally shipped to your house, or shipped to your local Home Depot. Your choice!

If they happen to sell out, because the animatronic figures sell out very fast, you can get on an email list that will let you know when she again becomes available.

While we are on the Nightmare Before Christmas subject, have you seen this NBC Advent Calendar? You can use it for either Halloween or Christmas, and Y’all, it comes with POP! figures!!! Gah!

Courtesy of Walmart

*Loosely based on Sally’s Song from Nightmare Before Christmas

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  1. cant get a sally at home depot or spirit of halloween or halloween city. where can i find one.

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