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You Can Tiny Jack And Sally Felt Figures and They’re Simply Meant To Be Mine

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Where are my Nightmare Before Christmas fans at? Y’all are my people.

Have y’all heard of needle felting?

It takes WAY more patience than I have, but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE it! I can appreciate the care that goes into each beautiful piece, and I am a bit obsessed with owning them all.

Check out these Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally needle felted Halloween ornament pieces. In this case, ornament means decoration. LOL!

Although, I do have MANY hand felted ornaments that go on my Christmas Tree. AND, you could totally turn these into tiny tree ornaments by adding a loop of ribbon to the top. They’d look hella cool on a Black Halloween Tree.

BUT, I like them just the way they are!

Beautifully and lovingly made! Each toy has small details that make it realistic and special. Everyone who saw it is delighted with it. The workmanship is impeccable, and the photos just do not do it to the full. 

TINYfelt696 on Etsy

Each piece, Jack or Sally, is $41.40 if you buy them separately, but you can get them together as a pair for $68.40.

Real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display, as it depends on your monitor settings.

TINYfelt696 on Etsy

As each of these are handmade, there is about a one to two week turnaround time. Take that into consideration if you are buying them as a gift.

Y’all. I’m so ready for Halloween!! Have you had a chance to check out these Halloween Boards? I’m so making one of these for dinner tonight!!


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