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This Guy Hoarded Over 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer and Now He Can’t Resell Them

Hand Sanitizer has been flying off the shelves ever since the Coronavirus hit the media.

At this point, it’s extremely hard to find and most stores have put a limit to how many you can purchase now.

But one Tennessee man, Matt Colvin, has enough to last a lifetime.

At the first word of the Coronavirus spreading, he and his brother, Noah, traveled all around Tennessee and Kentucky on March 1st to clear the shelves of the product with full intent to resell.

New York Times

Matt Colvin spoke with the New York Times and revealed that he sold bottles of sanitizer for between $8-$70, as well as face masks for $40-$50, sometimes higher.

Unfortunately for Colvin, Amazon pulled his thousands of listings to combat price gouging.

Ebay followed suit shortly after and are now banning U.S. sales of all face masks and hand sanitizers on all of their platforms.

People all over America are getting frustrated at the lack of supplies available to buy during this time. Hospitals have had to resort to rationing out their face masks as their supplies have plummeted as well.

After being confronted about hording these products, Colvin stated that he didn’t want to become famous for being the man who hoarded hand sanitizer and hopes people will understand that he is doing a public service and is now upset that he is unable to sell these products as easily as he had planned.

As for me, I understand wanting to up-sell items and make a profit. But in a time where this is a necessity to many, especially the elderly, this is not the time to be thinking of just yourself.

Many families live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to hoard items, let alone plan out a month ahead. Please be mindful during these times and be safe out there.

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