This Map Shows America’s Favorite Halloween Candy By State And Believe It or Not, Starburst Is The Most Popular

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Halloween is a big score for candy companies and according to Zippia, a job hunting site, has created a map showing each state’s most favorite candy and you’ll never guess what candy is the most popular among the 50 states! 

By using Google Trends, Zippia was able to determine that Starburst, is a popular candy around the U.S. In fact, 6 out of the 50 states were Starbursts fanatics. 

Woman at the front door offering funny Halloween candies on a spiderweb shaped bowl.

Surprisingly enough, Circus Peanuts even made the map and I’m just as shocked as you are.

What’s not surprising is that the United States as a whole, is split between 25 states voting for chocolate and the other 25 who voted for non-chocolate candy.

Regarding myself, I am a HUGE chocolate lover but there are so many other candies out on the market that I have to admit, are just as delicious that have zero chocolate whatsoever.

Courtesy of Zippia

So if you’re stuck on what candy to pass out to the kids this year, take a look at the map and see which candy your state favors the most.

Just so you know, gum is out of the question and nobody wants stickers or erases, just candy please!

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