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Home Depot Is Selling A 5-Foot Iridescent Snowman You Can Put In Your Yard For The Holidays

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Home Depot has the absolute best Christmas decorations and they are out now! I am loving the iridescent decorations the most, like the Iridescent Reindeer and this Iridescent Snowman!

I absolutely think that when someone says “Winter Wonderland”, this is exactly what they mean! The Iridescence effect is magical and I need this for my yard now!

Home Depot

Your holiday display will dazzle the neighborhood with the addition of this 60-in. iridescent snowman decoration. Sparkling from your lawn, the unique, angular design of this classic Christmas creates a magical lighting effect. The stunning figure is outfitted with 150 energy-efficient LED lights. It can be used to warm up your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Home Depot Product Description
Home Depot

Finding this today makes me want to throw out all of the Christmas decorations that I have and start over with an iridescent theme! It just makes me happy!

Home Depot

Didn’t disappoint. Much easier to assemble and only took about 10 min. Gorgeous! You wont regret! All my neighbors were in love with the buck last year so they’re gonna be surprised when they see his brother the snowman.

chloeche – Customer Review
Home Depot

I definitely know what I want and if you want it too you’ll want to buy it quickly! These awesome decorations from Home Depot always sell out fast!

Home Depot

You can buy the Iridescent Snowman from Home Depot here for only $159. I say it is worth every single penny!

Home Depot

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