This Calendar Teaches Kids The Phases Of The Moon and Weather and Every Homeschooler Needs One

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Deciding whether to homeschool this year has been an experience, let me tell you. We are now trying to get out kitchen in shape to be our “classroom.”

We knew we wanted a calendar in our “schoolroom,” but instead of getting a regular flip calendar, we saw THIS wooden calendar that let’s the kids interact each day.

This calendar has changeable month cards, moveable numbers coins for each day, and it even has changeable coins that depict the weather on each day of the month.

It lets you quickly teach the days of the week, months of the year, and even the current weather each and every homeschool day.

Each calendar is made to order and depending on our current workload can take from three to four weeks to ship.

FromJennifer on Etsy

Something even MORE cool — there is an extension you can get that shows the phases of the moon. It’s a wooden piece that gets added to the bottom of the wooden calendar, and it has interchangeable phases of the moon coins included.

Each handmade calendar runs $142, and if you choose to get the moon phases extension, it’s an additional 20 bucks.

There is a $12 shipping fee, so take that into consideration when you are planning to purchase this amazing calendar.

FromJennifer’s Etsy shop gets a 5 out of 5 star rating, with over 63,500 sales. Reviewers are saying that these calendars are “Perfect,” and “Even more beautiful than the picture.”

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